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NBA needs to approve Dwight Howard to L.A.!

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ESPNand other news organizations reported Thursday night that a four-team blockbuster trade that will send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers is complete, pending NBA approval.

“He’s ecstatic … just incredibly happy to be moving on to the Lakers, moving out of Orlando,” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said of a conversation with Howard. “He’s just anxious to put the events of the past behind him. … His attitude is this is second home to him already (because Howard has spent time in Los Angeles rehabilitating his back).

“One of the things he told me, ‘I can assure you I’m happy to be here.’ ”

The trade is set to go down like this, ESPN reports: The Lakers will receive Howard from the Orlando Magic; the Philadelphia 76ers will receive Lakers centerAndrew Bynum and Magic guard Jason Richardson; the Denver Nuggets will receive 76ers guard Andre Iguodala; and the Magic will get Nuggets guard Arron Afflalo and forward Al Harrington, 76ers center Nikola Vucevic and forwardMaurice Harkless and one protected future first-round pick from each of the other three teams.

The Lakers have a long history of acquiring elite centers:

  • They received Wilt Chamberlain in 1968 from the 76ers for three players who were not better than Wilt Chamberlain.
  • They got Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (and Walt Wesley) in 1975 from the Milwaukee Bucks for four players who were not better than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.
  • They signed Shaquille O’Neal away from the Magic as a free agent in 1996.
  • They traded for Pau Gasol in 2008, sending the Memphis Grizzlies three players and two draft picks, none of whom ended up better than Pau Gasol. (Though Marc Gasol, one of the pieces of the trade, is an excellent NBA center in his own right.)

Now Howard joins the list and joins Pau Gasol in the post for the Lakers.

“Lakers did it again, getting a center. … It’s a great deal for the Lakers, obviously,” Hall of Famer Chris Mullin said on ESPN. “This catapulted the Lakers next to, if not above, the Oklahoma City Thunder.”

The trade still needs to be approved by the league. ESPN Los Angeles reports that a trade call with the league office has been scheduled for Friday.

If approved, this would drastically change the Lakers’ starting five from last season to Kobe BryantSteve Nash (acquired from the Phoenix Suns last month), Metta World Peace, Gasol, and Howard.

Howard skipped his annual camp this week in Orlando while rehabbing in Los Angeles. Campers were given refunds.

Original post by By Simon Samano, USA TODAY


Jelly Bean 4.1 on the T-Mobile G1 aka HTC Dream


In the latest episode of “This phone has Jelly Bean before my phone?” we have the HTC G1, otherwise known as the HTC Dream. The first widely available Android device now has a (semi) working port of CyanogenMod 10 that has been shoehorned into the aging phone. Developers have gotten together and made a pre-alpha for the phone that is available for download now, but the build is extremely rough around the edges.

As you will see in the video below, the over all performance of the build is sluggish at best. Combine that with the fact that cell data is not functional and a list of other bugs makes this hard to get crazy about, but the fact that the latest version of Android has been brought to the oldest Android phone is exciting.
ROM thread at XDA Here

Original story by Eric at Droid Life

President Obama monitored Osama Bin Laden attack in real time

White House Situation Room

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in the Situation Room of the White House, May 1, 2011. Please note: a classified document seen in this photograph has been obscured.
(Credit: White House/Pete Souza)

President Obama and members of his national security team monitored the attack against Osama bin Laden on a real-time basis, White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan said today.

“It was probably one of the most anxiety-filled periods of time, I think, in the lives of the people who were assembled here yesterday,” Brennan said in a White House press briefing. “The minutes passed like days, and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel.”

The president and his team were able to monitor the sequence of events from the very start of the operation through its completion, Brennan said. It took the team of CIA officers and Navy SEALs carrying out the operation no more than 40 minutes to kill bin Laden in the compound in Abbottabad, which is close to Pakistan’s capital of Islamabad.

Brennan said the president and his team had “real time visibility into the progress of the operation,” but would not go into details about what sort of technology was used.

“It was clearly very tense, a lot of people holding their breath, and there was a fair degree of silence as it progressed as we would get the updates,” Brennan said. “And when we finally were informed that those individuals who were able to go in that compound and found an individual that they believe was bin Laden, it was a tremendous sigh of relief that what we believed and who we believed was in that compound actually was in that compound and was found.”

UFO over downtown Los Angeles

Warner Bros. Starts renting movies via Facebook

Warner Bros. will now offer movies for rent on Facebook, starting with Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” and will reportedly roll out more films in the coming months.

“The Dark Knight” will rent for $3 or 30 Facebook credits, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Viewers who rent the film will be given 48 hours to watch it and still have full Facebook functionality. The 2008 film starring Christian Bale as Batman is considered a test for the Hollywood studio — and its first attempt at direct-to-Facebook rentals.

“Facebook has become a daily destination for hundreds of millions of people,” Thomas Gewecke, president of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution, told THR. “Making our films available through Facebook is a natural extension of our digital distribution efforts. It gives consumers a simple, convenient way to access and enjoy our films through the world’s largest social network.”

If the rental is a success, Warner Bros. plans on rolling out other titles along with direct movie sales on Facebook.

It makes sense that the next step for Facebook is actual goods — it’s already done well with virtual ones. While I’m not sure a three-year-old movie is the best choice for a test market on Facebook, at least it signifies a change in how movie studios and social media will do business.

Source: Warner Bros. to Start Facebook Movie Rentals? | NBC San Diego

ROCK OUT (with me)!

Keenan Cahill YouTube sensation!

15-year-old Chicago native Keenan Cahill has come to after becoming an Internet sensation through his YouTube channel that features videos of the teen mouthing the words to the top hits.

“I started three years ago, when I got my Mac with a webcam in it,” Cahill, who is a sophomore in high school, told “I did it to put myself out there and to see what would happen and where it would go.”

Where it has gone is viral. Cahill’s YouTube channel boasts nearly 200,000 subscribers and has been viewed tens of millions of times. The teen has even appeared on E!’s program “Chelsea Lately” and his taping of 50 Cent’s new song “Down on Me” featured a cameo of none other than the famed rapper himself.

“It was a total surprise,” said Cahill of 50 Cent’s drop-in. “Now this is what I’m known for.”

Cahill is also know for a rare genetic disorder that affects the way he looks.

He credits his rise to stardom to pop singer Katy Perry, whose song “Teenage Dream” he featured on his site. Few people had seen the video before Perry herself tweeted, “I heart you” to the teen’s Twitter handle in September.

“The numbers started boosting up and up and up,” Cahill said.

The video has been viewed more than 18 million times since its Aug. 28 posting. His most recent recording, a lip-sync performance of Will Smith’s daughter Willow’s hit “Whip My Hair,” was viewed more than 200,000 times in one day.

But Cahill has garnered attention not only for his eccentric performances but also because of his unique appearance.

Cahill has a rare genetic disorder known as Maroteaux Lamy Syndrome, which in some cases, including this teen’s, results in individuals developing a dwarf-like appearance.

Keenan Cahill’s YouTube channel

2011 SuperBowl XLV BEPs Half Time Show

The Black Eyed Peas performed at the Super Bowl halftime show and while the sound malfunctioned, the entertainment quality was amazing.

Black Eyed Peas

Fergie,,, and Taboo came down on platforms from the ceiling. They started on a circular stage with “groupies” on the field who were in white light up jumpsuits. They did a medley of their most popular songs including I Got a Feeling, Boom, Boom, Pow, and Let’s Get it Started. They were joined by legendary guitarist Slash and by recording artist, Usher, for portions of the show.

Fergie & Slash

The Black Eyed Peas did not disappoint, if you can get over the over produced, robotic sound, and the fact that they shouldn’t have performed live (it’s one time people were begging for lipsynching!). Their round stage ended up being the “O” in the word “Love,” and the light up body suits looked cool in the dark stadium.

Will i Am

The whole point of the half time show is to break up the game and to provide entertainment. Apparently robotic voices and a slaying of Sweet Child of Mine (thanks, Fergie), is good enough for the Super Bowl. What did you think?