Halloween at Hill Drive in Eagle Rock

Berruz family form Eagle Rock

After a long night of going from house to house, trekking up and down the streets of Eagle Rock, Halloween might end with Sore shoulder from caring your bags full of candy and money. These are some of the challenges that you will be faced when one goes trick or treating in the Hill Drive vicinity of Eagle Rock. Over the years Hill Drive has been known for people handing out the biggest candy bars in town if you are lucky ya might even get a $10, $20 or even a $100 bill. As more kids flock to this neighborhood every year, Hill Drive residents are forced to buy more candy and because of economic necessity they tend to be smaller every year. When faced with hundreds of kids the choice seems a little easier to make than when faced with 30 kids. Although many people believe Hill Drive is a more expensive section of Eagle Rock, money is a giant concern when candy gets so expensive. Hill Drive the best and safest place to trick or treat, admiring the mini mansions and friendly middle to upper class residents that are always so friendly makes your evening a pleasant one for you and your loved ones.

Children's Photo shoot outside Haunted House.

There are other locations to trick or treat or even alternatives like celebrating Halloween at an amusement park or at several haunted houses.
If it’s wealthier areas of L.A. you want, then trick or treat at Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Bel-Air, but they’re not too close. There’s also local haunted houses or theme parks such as Knott’s or Universal Studios where one might find Freddy and Chucky. These alternatives are usually a much more fun thing to do on Halloween, because there is nothing better than a good fright on the scariest holiday of the year. Now picture yourself walking on a street where each house gives you a bag full of candy or a theme park that gives you a Halloween fright you will never forget.

Pallares & Berruz Family enjoying the Watter Home on Hill Drive 2009

This could be very possible with just a little planning and a couple of friends, which will be a experience that in many ways will be fun and safe.
our Family has moved form Eagle Rock but we dont mind driving back every Halloween. Trick or treating along Hill Drive is what I will be doing with my familia for many years to come.

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3 responses to “Halloween at Hill Drive in Eagle Rock

  1. This is an awesome idea and looks like fun. Great way to have fun and keep safe.

  2. Yeah it is brother!!

  3. I have been going for the last few years and this year was my son’s first halloween. I want to thank you to this community that does give a safe place to go trick-o-treating for the little ones. Thank you.

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