Gov. Can Now Track Your Phones Without Warrant

Who has access to our phone conversations and text message records be sides the phn company & ur selves?


Big Brother.
Government agencies– federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Intelligence (FBI) and the National Security Agency (NSA), local-level agencies like the police department. can tap into illegally Intercepted Communications.
U.S. security agencies and the police can tap with cooperation from the phone company under Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act 1994 (CALEA).

The Ninth Circuit actually went a bit further than necessary.
The government is considering on placing GPS units into every car to tax road use. Now we see a clear example of the non-tax motives for those supposedly harmless tracking devices. Soon they won’t need to sneak onto your driveway and plant the GPS, you’ll do it for them.

Most people would think that public broadcasting of an illegally intercepted cell phone conversations or GPS locations would be illegal. Well, the US Supreme Court has found that the First Amendment allows an illegally intercepted communication to be shared with others when the data involves matters of significant public interest. The lesson here is to be careful because technology has increased the chances that your devices are being recorded and could be made public or used against you.

We can thank the Government administration while in office of 2001…The Patriot Act was signed into law by President George W. Bush. That was to target & control terrorist communication & activities. Along with the terrorist are the U.S. cicivlians that can also be tapped & (trapped).

For as long as the government continues to re-write (INGSOC)
history, laws & language with wars, ammendments, and new technology
we will be a completly controlled society.
~Im sure we can rememeber George Orwell’s 1984~

When we the people hand over our privacy to anyone, we loose some of our DIGNITY. MR.LARGE


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