Mom R.I.P

R.I.P. Maria Elida Inocencio Pallares  α 7/4/1948 --- Ω 9/23/2009

R.I.P. Maria Elida Inocencio Pallares α 7/4/1948 --- Ω 9/23/2009

Mom has passed on to heaven & now is in gods arms. She is defenatley happy & at peace in the presence of our loved ones that have also made that passage. We are grateful that she was in our lives for 61 yrs. She has made me a strong, peaceful, confident, kind, determined, loving, man. For those qualities and many other blessings she shared with me I am proud to say thats my mom & I love her.

This weekend my online music broadcast will be dedicated to my Mom. I will be playing 80s music all nite, from 6pm to 9pm ……
Mom used to tell me (“Bajale!!!”) to lower the music! I of course would only lower it for 2 mins then back up to full blast..I would come down stairs to see her bouncing her head or tapping her foot to the rythm of the music, then she would try to yell over the music that the neighbors would complain. I would say “Mom ima play the music loud now just for you! & let everyone complain!!” We live in the projects we have to play the music loud..& she would respond (“Posi verdad”..Pero bajale!”) “yeah but lower it anyways!……………………Mom I love you play from any internet music player

To play on WMP(windows media player)
Open you WMP go to [File] by right clicking anywhere near the blue arrows on the left side of ur player, select [openURL] paste in clcik ok then push play.
justin T.V will be up at 9pm


3 responses to “Mom R.I.P

  1. I miss you mommy .
    I think of you everyday!

  2. This is a great tribute to your mom Joey. Even though I didnt know her for long I could see what kind of person she was to you and your family. You have been truely blessed and I am sure she is watching down on you and your family proud as ever.

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