Microsoft’s Aaron Greenburg Talks Xbox 360 Post Price Cut, Elite Gets Temporary $50 Rebate Offer

Greenberg sheds details on lost Xbox 360 HDMI cable

The biggest thing to happen in the console wars in a while has been the introduction of the cheaper PS3 Slim and the resulting price cuts from Microsoft. Eurogamer talked with Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg and asked him some tough questions about the Xbox 360 and some of the things that happened around the time of the price cut.

When asked about the sales spikes that happened along with the price cuts from both Sony and Microsoft, Greenberg said that he doesn’t think the price cuts and resulting shakeup in sales will affect the console market in the long term. He believes that the sales of the consoles will settle back down to the area where they were before the price cuts. That would mean he believes that the Xbox 360 will retain its spot ahead of the PS3 in sales.

Greenberg does point out that he believes the price cuts by Sony and Microsoft will lure in the customers who had previously been reluctant to purchase a game console. Naturally, Greenberg believes that the Xbox 360 will continue to be the console of choice.

Greenberg was also asked about the removal of HDMI cable from some Xbox models. Greenberg says that Microsoft looked at research that showed most customers weren’t taking advantage of the HDMI connectivity. He also said that when HDMI was added to the Elite, the value of the connection was high. Today the value of HDMI is not as high as it was then and he says and Microsoft decided to remove the HDMI feature and offer the price savings to customers.

Eurogamer specifically asked Greenberg for more details on the percentage of owners who use HD gaming compared to those who don’t. Greenberg declined to offer specifics stating, “I am sure there are folks much smarter than I that have studied this and can tell you the difference between sports or gaming or movies as reasons why people are upgrading.”

In other Xbox 360 news, Microsoft is currently offering a $50 mail-in rebate on Xbox 360 Elites purchased from today until October 5.

Link info for rebate:


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