Web Browser Faceoff: Mozilla Firefox vs. Google Chrome

We’ve had some pretty close races lately in our Lunchtime Poll feature, which got us thinking of the obvious question: which one of these contestants would win in a fantasy fight?
So we decided to pit some of these services and software head-to-head in a knock-down, drag-out cage match. There may even be jello involved. We’re asking you, dear readers, to cast your vote for the ultimate winner in this 1 v. 1 battle each week, for as long as we can keep the worthy contestants coming. Read on to vote in this week’s match!

No poll was closer than the Favorite Web Browser question earlier this month. The two victors far out ahead of the long tail were incumbent favorite Mozilla Firefox() and relatively new challenger Google Chrome(). This week’s Faceoff pits these two browsers against each other for ultimate fame and glory.

Firefox is armed with an unmatched extension architecture for power users to tweak and modify to their heart’s content. But all those add-ons tend to slow things down — will Chrome’s relative speed give it the edge? Or is the lack of an official Chrome for Mac going to hold that browser back in the 10th round?

Cast your vote here until noon EST on Friday September 25th, and be sure to let us know your reasoning in the comments. We’ll recap the results later this week and start a new Faceoff next week.


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